(Yeah, old-timers, I’m shocked too!) After a 15 year absence, “Active Voice” will return in the December 2011 issue!

The publishing agreement is that the columns printed in Blade California will be exclusive to the magazine for at least a year. Luckily, the magazine is free and available for reading on its website so I will post the links when they go “live”.

But unfortunately, that means I’m back in the world of deadlines, magazine themes (unless I occasionally rebel) and limited space. This time though, I don’t have the dreaded weight of all of the other elements of activism that made me burn out the first time around. I’m out for fun with the usual undercurrent of controversy!

Also, those of you who were friends the first time around, you’ll be reacquainted with that feeling of self-conscious dread on whether or not I’ll be writing about you that month. For those of you who have become friends since, I think you’ll quickly understand what I mean. :)

And since I have too many stories to tell, I still want to write a version of Active Voice columns on my website. Plus I don’t want to limit myself to topics of lesbianism and activism but rather expanding to moments that broaden my views of the world that I think are worth sharing.

This also means my planned “Active Voice” collection book should be the first of several…