Advertised as the last official Xena convention with scheduled appearances by the famed leading ladies. Taking place in Burbank, Ca., on the weekend of Jan 27th – 29th.

My Thoughts (with potential spoilers!):

I’ve only seen one episode of Xena, and that was years ago at the hands of my Xena-phile friend Rachel, who was also the one who told me about this convention.

Since I am currently in the phase of life of trying new things, the opportunity to go to a convention devoted to characters who are icons in the lesbian community was too good to pass up.

But to prepare, I did ask Rachel to send me a “Top 5″ episode list so I can come somewhat educated. And true to Nico’s prediction, she couldn’t stay to just 5:

(copied and pasted with Rachel’s comments)

Season 1
ep1 Sins of the Past
ep10 Harlots and Hooves – intro to the Amazons
ep22 Callisto – Hudson Leick will be at the convention
ep24 Is there a Doctor in the House – subtext in full force

Season 2
ep4 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – vampire episode
ep15 A Day in the Life – a fan favorite. A must see.

Season 3
ep1 The Furies – one of my favorites. good Ares episode. must see
ep2 Been there, done that – good comedy. Joxer will be at the convention
ep 6 and 7 The Debt – Jacquline Kim will be at the convention
ep13 One Against An Army – a must see….very good

Season 4
ep 1 and 2 Adventures in the Sin Trade – actress playing Oteri will be at the convention.
ep21 Ides of March – Xena dies again. Episode was important because this is when Gabrielle stops being a pacifist and kills someone.

Season 5
This season is known as the ‘The Unfortunate Season’. UGH!!

Season 6
ep1 and ep5 were written by Melissa Good who got her start by writing
fan fiction. Her stories were so good she has her own fan club. she will be at the convention
ep1 Coming Home
ep5 Legacy
ep10 Ares had a farm – I think the best Ares episode. very funny. Must see
They will be having a tribute to Kevin Smith. He died about 5 years
ago during a convention.
ep18 When Fates Collide – THE BEST EPISODE EVER!! MUST SEE! Kathryn Fugate, the screen writer is the producer and writer of Army Wives. She will be at the convention.
We all think that this should have been the final show.
ep19 Many happy returns – sweet