A group that I’ve been associated with for almost all of its twenty years, this group can be counted for producing quality and award-winning all-female shows. This is their first attempt in a couple of years and they need people who can donate around US $25 towards their target budget of $10,000 by Feb. 15 to get it off the ground in August of this year. Even if you can’t attend yourself, it’s a US tax-deductible gesture as well as an opportunity to be a patron of the theatre!

For more info and to see their promotional video, go to Kickstarter.

Update: As of Jan. 26th, they’ve reached $9,417!!! It’s looking very promising! And thank you so much if you became a sponsor because you heard about it on my site first!

Update: As of Jan. 27th, they’ve reached $10k!!! Yea!!! And yes, you’ll hear more about this production on my forum when I get more info!