Okay, I feel comfortable posting some specs now:

Final content list:
A Visitor’s Guide To This World (Will post draft online)
A Prologue with Frankie and Lydia: A Sunny Afternoon (Draft online)
Burn (Draft online)
Road not Taken (Draft online)
Franchesca (Draft online)
All Things Equal (Book only)
Damon (Major rewrite needed – Book only)
An Epilogue with Frankie and Lydia: Working Girls (Draft online)
Glossary of Major Characters and References (Will post draft online)


Planned book production milestones:
March: Work on final rewrites and editing
April: Work on publishing and promotions for the book
May: Make available digitally (planned Kindle and iTunes) and publishing on demanding for those who are willing to pay more for a physical copy

And no, I will not commit to additional stories (or a book collection 2) until I’ve sold a ridiculously low amount of copies to prove to me that I’m not committing complete financial loss on this. So please support and spread the word!


I will update this forum topic with updated statuses as they happen.