Status as of 7/13: Submissions ae closed. Decisions will be made by Monday, 7/14.

I need an artist (or team) to adapt a self-published erotica novella “Deseo” into an approximate 96 page black and white graphic novel. Final page count is a projection after I go through converting the prose to comic script format as well as write some original scenes.

The story is about two women who have an encounter that starts at a black tie fundraising dinner that moves to a hotel’s ritzy suite. (Story example here.)

I’m looking for artists who have a clean, sensual style with a good grasp of anatomy and perspective. No exagerrated body proportions or comical facial expressions. You don’t have to be published, just behave professionally and responsibly.

And for the record, I don’t care about your gender or orientation as along as you do quality work and can help me move the project forward.

Just a couple of lines about me:
I’m a published writer: columnist for 4 years for the LGBT Orange County Blade Magazine/Blade California magazine, self-published author of “Creatures of Grace” (Pacific Book Awards – Fantasy Finalist 2014), and fanfic writer (“Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040″, “Chicago Fire.”)

The work that I have planned with the different roles laid out if the main story artist can’t support the entire project or multiple people wow me:
Main story artist (black and white)
Cover Artist (Color can be done by the artist or I’ll hire a colorist.)
Flashback artist (black and white)
Fantasy artist (black and white)

Financially frank notes: With this kind of project, I won’t finance the entire thing out of my pocket but I have enough to get it started by commissioning starting pages and promotional materials for fund-raising plans.

So if you’re interested, send me a pitch email with samples including your page rate and any information you think I should know. I am evaluating another project plus there may be other erotica stories that I may consider if this one is financially successful.