It’s finally here!

Here’s the link to the sample pages of the first issue (cover art plus 6 story pages) in a PDF file with a fact sheet for the comic book series. (Warning: the file is over 3 MB!)

If you would rather read it online:
“Berserker” – Part 1, pages 1 through 4
“The Good Child” – Part 1, pages 1 through 2

If you like it, please spread the word! We need support to make an ongoing series!

Fact Sheet
1. Series Name: Web Of Lives

2. Publisher: Furia Press

3. Series Rating: Older Teens (For violence, mature themes and sexual situations)

4. Series Premise: This near-futuristic cyberpunk series starts with the question “Are badass women born or made?” And the answer might be “Both”. A large cast of female-lead characters are connected by an international power struggle from genetic experimentation and weapons development. Nothing is what it seems as many people are pulled into this web, some without their knowledge and without the option to leave.

5. Issue Summary: This debut issue starts the two origin storylines.

a. “Berserker” Part 1 – Story by P. Kristen Enos, Art by Pablo Romero.
i. A quiet summer afternoon in the Los Angeles suburbs explodes when new neighbors arrive, and the pretty new girl realizes she has an instant crush with the cute boy next door, who turns out to be another girl.

b. “The Good Child” Part 1 – Story by P. Kristen Enos, Art by Song Ye.
i. A child of an extremely wealthy and traditional family, Yoshiko Watanabe was perfectly content to let her parents lay out her life path, trusting in their wisdom and experience. But as she gets older, unexpected events lead to her personal revelation climaxing in betrayal, disgrace and the will to survive.

6. Creative Team: All stories are written by P. Kristen Enos with an international team of comic artists.

7. Genre: Drama, Action, Female Leads, LGBTQ, Cyberpunk

8. Publishing Info:
a. Trial of 6 Issues
b. Quarterly starting October 2014
c. Digital Only
d. USD $1.99 per issue
e. 24 pages including cover
f. Color cover with black and white content
g. Can become ongoing if enough digital issues are sold to cover costs.
h. Printing paperback and hardback collections are planned if series proves successful.

9. Press queries (and to be added to full issue distribution for reviews):
Kristen Enos – email: