Happy New Year’s! Time for me to announce what’s buzzing in the brains of me and my creative teams:

“Deseo” Kickstarter: Honestly, I would be beyond shocked if the Kickstarter succeeds at this point. Luckily, it was never about raising money but about promoting a book to people who would never had heard of it otherwise. So, you brave backers, as a thanks for your faith in the project, I WILL continue to give you exclusive previews as the project continues to come to life!

Fantasy book of the year: Now without having to jump on cranking out “Deseo” ASAP, I feel like I can fully focus on a prose project. I am moving forward with the 3rd book in my fantasy world, to be titled “Trophy”. Premise: What happens when a princess is forced by her father to enter a contest for the hand (and crown) of another princess, who had also been a childhood friend. Family dysfunction all over the place in this one!

“Web of Lives” #2: My artists have delivered a total of 10 final pages of art, with 12 more and a cover to go. I’ve already started lettering the first few and will be posting the next couple of pages of “Berserker” in a week or so. The plan is to fully publish #2 at the end of February.

Contemporary Lesbian Prose book: Thanks to the “Chicago Fire” debacle that sent my Shafferty worship down in flames, I’m honestly considering converting my fanfic “Homing Beacon” into a full novel (meaning from the very beginning of these characters’ backstory and meeting) in an alternative universe and version of these characters. This way I can self-publish it as an original story. However, to do that, I need someone to give me a crash course in the world of paramedics. So if you know anyone who’d love to have me pick their brain, please pass on the word. But “Trophy” comes first, that will no doubt take up my prose brain cells for the first half of the year.

Hope all of you are having equally positive plans in your own lives!