Madly trying to put together the debut issues of the following zines for next weekend:
“Active Voice: The Real Life Adventures Of A Lesbian Activist And Her Friends” – which will contain reprints of old columns with comments, activist photos with comments and debut of the comic short story “Freedom Of Expression” (art by Leesamarie Croal) for the pending graphic novel that will be released later this year!

“This Lesbian’s Guide To Anime And Manga” – Updated anime basics, revisiting some key old reviews, a couple of new reviews and some random anime/manga stuff.

“This Lesbian’s Geek Guide” – My opinions on the list of topics from San Diego Comic-Con’s LGBTQ Geek Year In Review 2014 topics (and maybe 2015 as well.) My “hot list”, which includes good and bad stuff of the moment. Some thoughts on of some retro items I think is worth for you to check out.

All three zines will have special covers drawn by Casandra Grullon just for the event!

And a sample copy of the “Web Of Lives: Collection 1″ graphic novel that will have a Kickstarter launching in April so you can order your own copy (including an exclusive Kickstarter-version of the digital edition!)