“Active Voice” Middle School Edition under consideration because (thanks to my co-contributor Heidi Ho) I’ve received a spike in feedback from US middle school educators if the book can be added to their libraries.

While the book is not specifically written for kids in middle school, I do think there is a lot of value in several of the real-life stories it contains. I’m opened to the idea of creating one if the current version has some content that could be unnecessarily troublesome for sensitive guardians (short of banning the book altogether.) So I am willing to take feedback of what could be changed to create a “school edition” so that kids can read it without concerns of too mature of language or content. For example, I am willing to black out/change strongly inappropriate/inflammatory words if it means a healthy discussion about the situation can still be had.

Educators who are interested, please feel free to contact me at pkristen@furiapress.com. Target deadline date of May 15th for feedback.