Yes, once again I had to sit down and revisit my priorities after having just completed the very dramatic and sudden relocation from Orange County (CA) to Las Vegas (NV).

In the next couple of days I will be posting a few items that are pending proofing (two columns and some lesbian imagery commentary).

A couple of general announcements:

Active Voice: I will be posting new columns on a regular basis since I am in the process of putting together a book collection that I’m hoping to self-publish in spring of next year. It will contain most (if not all) of the installments that were published in the Blade Magazine with “behind the column” anecdotes as well as my web installments. I am also planning to write several anecdotes that I always tell as parties — such as the infamous Handcuff Story.

Fiction works: Due to plagiarism and scheduling concerns, I will remove installments from the site and work on them to be presented as full books when they are ready for public consumption. (Lesbo erotica book #2 is actually in process!)

Lesbian (and general queer) imagery in the media: I will no longer focus on anime/manga material since that industry basically imploded and I end up watching a lot of crap that I certainly don’t want to spend time writing about. So instead, I will focus on a mix of material available in the U.S., which includes western comics, movies, t.v. shows and the occasional event. I’ll only write about things I think are worth noting, and you might come across material you’ve never heard about before.

(And I am removing references to Laguna Outreach from my site since I am no longer affiliated with the organization.)

See ya shortly!
P. Kristen