This Lesbian’s Guide to Anime and Manga: List
(Updated March 1, 2016.)

by P. Kristen Enos

Announcement as of March 1: I will be launching issue #1 of This Lesbian’s Guide To Anime And Manga: The Zine next week. It will contain updated anime/manga basics information, revisited old reviews, new reviews, and random Japan stories. I will make the zine available for sale on Etsy next week.


For you long time readers: Yes, my most popular website is back!

For you newbies:
The original version of TLGAM was actively maintained from 2001 to 2003. However, even though I wasn’t able to regularly add to it, I could tell by the constant hit counts that the information was a valuable resource to many people.

And now that I have my own website, it just makes sense to bring it back with a vengeance. Especially since circumstances are so different this time around.

Back then, anime and manga was on the rise and people were learning about material as well as the art forms. Now, anime and manga is (by all standards) suffering from… A LOT of bad things. So it’s even more important to know the good stuff from the crap. Especially if you have limited funds and interests.

However, as you can tell by all of the other writing projects I have to juggle, I need to streamline the focus for items that I will review:

1. U.S. releases only (which was my original rule anyway)

2. Only items that have some sort of content or promise that’s gay and lesbian (yuri) related.

For more info on my new LGBT media postings, go to This Lesbian’s Arts & Entertainment Forum.