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Web Of Lives
A women-centric cyberpunk and suspense series in near futuristic Earth.

Current storylines:
“The Good Child” art by Song Ye: Following the early years of Yoshiko, the eldest daughter of a powerful yakuza family, from the introduction of the mysterious adoption of her Caucasian baby sister, Nyoko, to the marriage of the older man she had been betrothed to at an early age.

“Berserker” art by Pablo Romero: Tomboy lesbian Casey grows up in Southern California and becomes a central figure in the rise of a group of LGBTQ school kids and their quest for acceptance and respect by their peers.  Entire storyline will be posted online.


Web Of Lives: Demons
A spin-off from “Web Of Lives” which features gay men of various backgrounds and lifestyles.

Current storylines:
“Unworthy” art by Song Ye: Yoshiko’s younger brother Ryoku comes back home from his first year in college, where had been living a relatively open and free gay lifestyle that would never be tolerated by his father.

“Thug” art by Rudy Sucipto: Teenage boy Jiro from a poor family suffers a brutal encounter with an older school boy that is the foundation in his development into manhood.

“Shadow Puppets” art by Coty Polk: Kenta prepares for a last minute assassination assignment without involving his husband and partner Riki, which may be a deadly mistake for the wrong person.

“Deseo” art by Marco Turini
A slow conversion of a lesbian erotica novella into a graphic novel. Expected to be published in 3 parts, with the first issue planned by the end of the year.

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