Active Voice The Comic Collection: The Real-Life Adventures Of An Asian-American, Lesbian, Feminist, Activist And Her Friends! USD $19.99 + S&H
Lambda Literary Awards 2017 Finalist!
Golden Crown Literary Society Awards 2017 Finalist!
Prism Awards 2017 Finalist!
First graphic novel collection of stories from my column that launched in the Orange County And Long Beach LGBT Newsmagazine in 1994. This collection primarily contains stories from my days at the UCI Gay & Lesbian Student Union and my corporate world.

Web Of Lives Collection 1 USD $20.99 + S&H
First six issues of the series in one book!

Web Of Lives: Demons Collection 1 (Coming In March 2017!)
First two extended issues of the series in one book!

Fantasy Novels

Creatures Of Grace USD $8.99 + S&H
Pacific Book Awards Fantasy Finalist 2014
A collection of short-stories featuring a variety of women from a range of backgrounds: a princess, a witch, a pirate captain, a holy knight and so on. Each has their own struggle, not realizing that they are contributing to a chain of events of a bigger story.

The Queens & Kings Of The Seas USD $15.99 + S&H
Pacific Book Awards Fantasy Finalist 2015
Featuring the lesbian pirate captain from “Creatures Of Grace”, this book tells the story of the creation of an LGBT pirate crew who become a formidable force despite the odds against them.