Just who the heck am I?

by P. Kristen Enos

(Originally posted Sep 3, ’09. All rights reserved.)

When my column was published in the local magazine, some of my readers actually knew me in real life because of my involvement in the LGBT community. I realize that a heck of a lot of you now might be thinking “Who are you?” So I figured I better present a more formal introduction since I have the means of doing that here vs. the space-limited magazine.

This following excerpt is from my About the Author page in the back of my latest book “Deseo”:

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and raised a U.S. military officer’s brat. I officially came out at the age of 20, though there were several earlier moments that could have been considered suspicious… like having a huge crush on my kindergarten teacher, Miss Price (sigh).

I spent my twenties being the self-proclaimed Lesbian Radical Activist by doing the volunteer thing, and then spent my thirties recovering from it. All the while, did the corporate thing to pay the bills – a curse that still happens at the point of this writing.

Formerly a columnist, having written the “Active Voice” column for The Orange County Blade Gay and Lesbian Magazine for a couple of years, which focused on my real-life adventures of being an out lesbian in the 90’s. Was a journalist and photographer for the local gay and lesbian press. Volunteered with several non-profit LGBT organizations, most notably Laguna Outreach, of which I served on the Board of Directors. Speaker on several gay and lesbian panels, mostly at University of California, Irvine and Irvine Valley College. And a lot of other things that I’ve forgotten, either due to the passing time or on purpose or both.

I had volunteered several years with the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company in non-acting capacity. I also made a tiny name for myself on the Internet with writing an epic continuation fanfic of the anime series “Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.” I wrote reviews and analysis of lesbian content on the now defunct website “This Lesbian’s Guide to Anime and Manga”. (You can blame AOL getting rid of their Hometown service and content for that.)

I still live in Orange County, leaving occasionally for work trips, Vegas, Broadway and Tokyo.

* * *

Now, I would add more about me but then what would I write in my columns?

And for the record, I’m 41 years old (as of March 8, 2010).

* * *
Update: August 11, 2011
After almost 25 years in Orange County, California, I transplanted to Las Vegas in June of this year.

* * *
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