I’ve spent 3 days “arguing” with my print/distribution service, CreateSpace, about Web Of Lives 2 & Demons 1 that does not look like it’s going to be resolved. And I’m short of calling it suspiciously homophobic since the problems started with their evaluation of the Demons file (with gay men-centric art and storylines), where they became insistent that I adhere to their so-call style rules bleeds and margins, when those same rules were not brought up in printing Web 1 or initially submitting Web 2.

Which is a shame because I had been highly satisfied with their service (for I also used them for my fantasy novels) and recommended them to everyone until now.

As a result, I will also be removing Web 1 from available through them (which unfortunately means Amazon/Kindle.) For now, Comixology is the only distribution point (for the digital issues).

I will revisit my physical print strategy in the hopes to be cost-effective for what I need. (I may just wait to print full trade paperbacks.) I’ll make another announcement when I come up with another means of distribution.

See my update for the explanation behind the fallout.