“Deseo” (the Novella) ebook now available for $1.99 USD

Deseo - The Novella

To help fund the effort to convert the book into a graphic novel. You can purchase a stamped PDF copy with Paypal! (Listed price for the ebook is $2.99 on other outlets.)

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For information about the Kickstarter to turn the novella into a graphic novel (ending January 16, 2015): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/57095868/deseo-the-story-of-susan-and-maya

Public Facebook page: P. Kristen Enos’s Projects

Created new FB page, P. Kristen’s Projects, to allow me to post info on my creative projects and appearances related to them: the “Creatures of Grace” fantasy book series, “Web of Lives” digital comic series and “Deseo” (using Marco Turini’s latest pinup as the banner.) As well as give peeps a chance to provide feedback or questions on my projects.

It’s also hooked up to my twitter account.

Please “Like” if you wish to receive further updates of this nature.

Clarification: “Web Of Lives” Comic vs. “Web Of Lives” BGC Post 2040 Fanfic

By some site traffic analysis, I’m realizing a lot of people are cold-hitting my fanfic page of a story that share’s the same name as my new and completely independent (unrelated) comic book series.

Sorry for the confusion! I usually want to make sure all of my projects have a completely unique identity but this was a case that my original planned title for my comic book series (“Furia”) didn’t feel right as an intro to people who aren’t familiar with my work. Plus, I think I saw references to another comic series “Furya” (in another language), and I didn’t want to cause confusion of that nature.

And honestly, I do think “Web Of Lives” works in its own way for the comic series. While I knew there would be some confusion, I was hoping it would pass. So hopefully it will come to stand out with its own identity. :)

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